Rock CS is a grant funded professional development event designed by Adams 12 Five Star Schools and St. Vrain Valley School District and free for ALL Colorado Educators!

**Space in most sessions is limited. Please be sure to add sessions to your schedule to reserve your seat!**

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At mindSpark Learning we leverage industry to support educators and students so they can cultivate essential skills -- like creativity, emotional intelligence, critical thinking and adaptability -- which ultimately results in a more dynamic talent pipeline, and a workforce that industry can benefit from immediately.

We drive this urgency for transformation by shattering the obsolete paradigm that has allowed education to toil through the last 100 years with no significant change or progress, and urge educators to begin thinking and acting like start-up entrepreneurs. We require them to see their students as colleagues in research and development by taking on some of the most daunting global problems in collaboration with industry experts, specialists and researchers.

We believe that this re-engineering of education requires the voice of industry, and we ensure industry’s participation by structuring our programs to include their voice every step of the way. High yield, root and branch transformation begins with schools understanding workforce development, participating in work-based learning experiences, fostering career literacy and directly connecting students to mentors and authentic opportunities at a young age.

Our work started small in 2007, but we are now reaching educators on a global scale, in China and Dubai. In other words, we are just beginning to scrape the surface of the potential behind education with mindSpark Learning at the center.

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